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  • @Noah-Vieira For me as a dutch supporter of Ajax, I always hope Feyenoord or Psv win in european competition, but that is because Holland isn't doing so well in the point system and we will lose a place for the cl and euro league in the next 2 years,. but before that was happening I always hoped psv would lose

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    Hello mates! I know it's been a while, but here I am, back again, with another article. And oh boy, what a good article I have for this comeback.

    The Migration To China

    Recently I've had the chance to read a written work of a student of the Portuguese Institute of Marketing Administration ( about the recent phenomenon: the migration of football stars to China.

    Axel Witsel, Alexandre Pato, Fredy Guarín, Obafemi Martins, Carlos Tévez, Óscar and many other well-known players have joined China football teams. The reason for that is obvious: money, more money and lots of money.

    The author of the written work - who prefers to be anonymous - says that this only proves the fact that football has become more of a business than a sport. And this goes exactly towards what we have discussed in the past few articles.

    One of my favourite parts of the work, is when the author compares this phenomenon with prostitution. I know that this is a very agressive concept, and I hope I don't get in trouble for using it in this forum, but I really want to share it, and I think we are all mature enough to not take this in a bad way.

    Anyways, the author explains that prostitution is the unworthy or corrupt use of one's talents for personal or financial gain ( This means that someone sells themself to pleasure someone else, taking back nothing but money. Well... this is exactly what we're seeing right now.

    And just like prostitution, football has become a business more than a sport. Players prefer to earn lots of money instead of actually getting pleasure for playing football in front of a huge crowd, with high quality team mates, in a competitive (or not so competitive) league.

    I won't go further on this matter, but I expect you guys to participate and give your opinions and ideas.

    Thank you to the author for giving me the oportunity to share a little bit of his written work with the OSM forum, and thank you to all the people supporting this blog.

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    @Noah-Vieira This is an interesting subject to talk through. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word 'prostitution' has two definitions, and the second one is so broad that almost any job or profession could be considered as some sort of prostitution. A majority of people do not really enjoy their jobs; they work only because they need money to pay bills, mortgages or basic stuff like food. So they are doing things that they don't like just for financial gain.

    Also, most people quit their jobs when they get a better offer from another company. Even if the new job is more stressful or the workload is huge, they will go for that job as long as it comes with a higher salary.

    So I absolutely agree with the written work by the Portuguese student. In the end, football is also a profession so the same applies to footballers.

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    spot on 🙂 exactly mate! the fans are 12. player and that's why I'm a Liverpool fan as we are like a big Red family, we stick together, our YNWA is just wow, we're living for our club. Most of time the travelling Reds are creating amazing atmosphere whereever they are. Liverpool is our religion and Anfield is our church. I'm a women and I'm proud to be a L'pool fan cause I love everything related to my club, Liverbird is my love, I stand by my club and badge and it doesn't matter what a team play for LFC, I'm supporting them in the bad and good times.
    for me it's all about Liverpool and it's seems I'm the crazie one lol 🙂 😄

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    forgot to tell, I didn't see this blog before, random traced it now and I would like to tell it's a great blog.

  • In the football world Europe has always lead the way, for this reason I believe European players to generally be more ambitious players because of culture of football they know, they not only have the hunger to play the game but also the hunger to play for the big clubs they have idolised since childhood. In Africa and South America football is big but the leagues are less impressive therefore I think a lot more players are produced who love the game but are less ambitious. This theory of mine is supported by nationalities of the big name players you see joining the clubs like PSG or in the Chinese League. If your passion is just to play and you don't care how competitive it is there are a lot of opportunities to make some serious money nowadays, also with the Chinese population being 1.3 billion I'm sure that playing in front of a huge crowd wouldn't be an issue.

    The Chinese league gets very negative image because of them 'stealing' our players and before it America was briefly being painted with the brush, however I think in 20 years time these 2 leagues could change the gamer massively for the greater good. Football is set up to keep the best players in Europe because of the Champions League, so its no wonder China and America have kept out of football for so long. Hopefully America and China will eventually be able to produce teams full of home grown players that will rival Europe's best. One day the next Messi could be Chinese or the next Ronaldo American; if the passion for the game grows like it has in Europe then there is no reason football isn't heading in this direction.

    Don't get me wrong, I find it very frustrating seeing big players not playing at the most competitive level but I think we being a tad selfish expecting high quality football to be exclusive to Europe.

  • I could of worded that a bit better, I just want to be clear I'm not trying to say players outside Europe are not as ambitious. Obviously there are masses of great players from outside Europe, throughout the world many areas of poverty produce the best players because football is all they have. What I am trying to say is if you grow up to be a great player in a country where the only teams you get to see play in the UCL are on TV then it is surely more likely that the player is not want to play at the most competitive level but just would rather be the best player on the pitch and get rich at the expense of an amazing domestic career.

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  • My name is ahmed Vieira and I'm a passionate fooball fan. I watch every major league in Europe and, besides watching, I often like to comment and share my opinion with others. Therefore, I've decided to look beyond my OSM Managerial Career and share a little of my knowledge and opinion in a kind of Opinion Column/Rubric in this topic.

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