Champions Cup in OSM, how exactly?

  • @johndesley @William-van-Velzen_NL Well, I think mirroring the knock out phases from the real world scenario would make it more authentic.

    For the Group Phases:

    • 8 groups with 4 teams in each group, 32 teams in total.
    • All teams in a group will play both home and away against each other.
    • Teams finishing on top of their group will have a benefit, discussed below.

    For the Knock-out Phases:

    • All teams will play both home and away against their opponents. This will go to copy the atmosphere from an actual champions league night, when the visitors come to town for the game. Believe me, this plays a big part in the actual champions league.
    • The 1st placed teams from the group stages will play the second knock-out game at home.
    • Of course, the team which is higher on the aggregate score will go through to the next round.
    • This one I'm not so sure of, but in case of a tied aggregate score, the team with the more away goals would go through. If it's tied even beyond that, then we can go to the Added Extra Time.
    • The final can be similar to the current cup final. And this will be played on a neutral ground.
    • If a team manages to make it all the way to the finals, it would have played a total of 13 games (6 in Group, 7 in Knockout).


    • Transfers are allowed. But only in the Group Phase. It'll be locked for the Knockout Phase.
    • No training camp, instant player transfers or using boss coins to accelerate timers.
    • Allowing secret training will make the whole thing more competitive. But it'll be fun to make this a bit more interesting. Out of the Secret Trainings available, players can access only 3 in the group stages. The remaining 3 will be available when/if they reach the Knockout phase.

    One more suggestion I would give is that whenever a players gets knocked out, be it in the group phase or the knockout phase, their season gets over then and there. And they should be allowed to leave with the manager points they have earned. Otherwise this whole set-up will be boring for anyone who doesn't progress within the competition.

  • @JohnDesley ok thank, good job.

  • Hi @tony-alvera,

    Your suggestions have been documented and we'll take it in consideration during the development process.
    Thank you!

  • Community Manager

    Haven't had much time to spend thoughts about the group and knockout stage yet, but if you want to implement a Champions Cup similar to the Champions League, you should somehow stick to qualification like in real CL.

    Only the best teams qualify for CL, so this should apply for Champions Cup, too.
    You could have the possibility in the future to choose at the end of a league to
    a) continue the league (only if you're the moderator)
    b) continue looking for your next challenge or
    c) move on to Champions Cup (which of course is only possible if you finished league on first place).

    Champions Cup itself would be formed like a battle. Once you decide to move on to Champions Cup you'll have to wait until there are 31 (or so) other players that are being put together to form a Champions Cup of 32 managers. I'm not sure how many leagues end every day, but that should be enough to fill a league of 32 managers within some 24 hours. Of course the number of 32 managers can be reduced, if the statistics work better for a 16 team league.

    Why else would you implement a system similar to CL if everyone can join it without having achieved anything?

    As soon as I have made more thoughts about group and knockout stage I'll post again πŸ˜‰

  • German Moderator

    @Tony-Alvera I like your idea with the home and away matches in the knock-out phase a lot. That makes the the league a bit longer and everything more realistic.

    I would love it if you could add some other championships with a group stage and a knock-out phase too if this works well. It would probably be really fun to play the World Cup like this in the future for example.

    Another thought I have is that the Champions League could be locked for you in the beginning and in order to unlock it you have to finish in the top three in a normal league first just as in real life. Like this we would make the Champions League something really special where only good managers compete against each other. That would give some extra motivation in the normal leagues to be able to qualify for the Champions League if you do well. I think this would make the Champions League itself a bit more interesting as well. This would prevent the Champions Leagues from being filled with inactive managers (I think if you have done the hard work for qualifying you most likely will want to play the Champiions League as well) This would give the managers who are a bit better a real challenge not just like in normal leagues were it after a while becomes quite easy to win the league and the cup with almost no effort. The Champions League would also become harder to win which would make a win even more awesome.
    After the The Champions League is finished you would have to qualify for it once again. (Otherwhise everyone would be qualified sooner or later and it wouldn't be as special anymore)

    On the other hand side this idea would give less managers the chance of playing it. I would really like to hear what's your opinion about this.

  • Hi @luls-l,

    We're currently prototyping the game modes:

    • Group stage
    • Knock-out stage

    Eventually we will join these modes together to create a Tournament game mode (Actual World Cup 😲 🀐).
    We are currently shaping the details of these ideas based on suggestions and feedback from the managers.
    How to achieve playing in the Champions Cup is still up for debate, so thank you for your suggestions!
    I've documented them and we'll take your suggestions into consideration! 😌

  • @johndesley Perhaps you could have it working similar to the real Champions league. I'm not sure how feasible this idea is, but maybe you can get it to sort of work like a "Journey"?

    • Let's just say we are trying to implement the European Champions league. We need 32 teams for this cup. So maybe 8 major European leagues can be a part of this setup.
    • When the players select this mode, the first step would be to select one of the 8 Leagues. Then they will have to pick a team within the league. This league works like the current league setup.
    • Now the Top 4 from each of these league will qualify for the Champions League and will go into the draw.
    • All 8 Champions League Groups will have one of the Regional league winners, one runner-up, one 3rd place and one 4th place team. And teams from the same regional league cannot be in the same champions league group. This will ensure balance.

    I guess a similar format can work for copa libertadores, AFC and CAF champions leagues as well.

  • I like the idea πŸ‘πŸ», finally OSM is working on something speical, I guess a similar format can work for copa libertadores, AFC and CAF champions leagues as well.
    I can't wait to see how this will go .

  • English Moderator

    Posted by @YellowFlesh

    @yellowflesh said in Get the Champions League:

    If they manage to get the Champions League the game would give a big jump, my idea of ​​how it would be in the Champions League game is: Create a league called * Champions League 2019 * Where you can choose all the teams that are in the Champions: Hay raffle the groups of form * Random *: And it would be 6 days of group meetings of there would pass the elimination rounds ah: This is my opponent of how it would be a Champions in the game .. THANK YOU: D

  • @william-van-velzen_nl Sounds interesting but without knockout phase this will be just another short league and I dont see how will it give that CL feeling. But good luck with future development. Would surelly be really fun to have ralistic competition with both group stage and knockout phase one day. And this would be first step closer to thath for sure.

  • Any updates on the matter? @William-van-Velzen_NL
    Thanks for your time!

  • Just give us a couple of days... πŸ˜‰

  • @tony-alvera this is what they have to add

  • Hi All,


    In order to build OSM Champions Cup how we want for our users we decided to split the work into playable peaces.

    This means that users can play each part much sooner VS build and release OSM CC in one BIG BAM.
    This way we can test the game modes, collect data and collet feedback more often for those playable parts at the same time that we are developing. We need all that data to work towards one goal. β€œCreate a awesome Champions Cup experience in OSM”.

    The first chapter is OSM KnockOut.
    In OSM KnockOut you compete against 16-32 teams.
    Rules are very easy. You win you stay. You lose, you are OUT. Bye Bye, Ciao, TryAgain.
    This KnockOut mode is a tournament with a very short duration of max 4 MatchDays.

    The good news
    OSM KnockOut will be released very shortly as a event called β€œManagerKnockOut”.

    The second Chapter is Groupstage.
    Multiple groups in one league
    We are not sure if this will be playable as a stand alone mode or that we will connect 1+2= Chapter 3.

    The Thirth Chapter is Groupstage + KnockOut (a.k.a. Tournament mode)
    This mode will be called OSM Cup. In this mode you compete for the OSM Cup trophy.
    Starting with 8 groups of 4 teams. Group A to H. Best teams go to the KnockOut fase. Playing by the OSM Rules.

    Final Chapter (End goal)
    Final Part 1
    Champions Cup - Pick one of the best 32 teams of last season and play OSM CC.
    Playing by the official rules.

    Final Part 2
    Multi Season Champions Cup - Bring your current star team to victory and get qualified for the Ultimate OSM CC experience. Compete against other star team OSM managers for Eternal Glory.

    So much to look forward to.

    Kind regards,
    UX/UI Designer @Gamebasics

  • Sounds promising

  • @marvin-gamebasics I am very happy that all you developers have read our feedback

  • @marvin-gamebasics Sounds good. I'm looking forward to.

  • Can't wait, this will be awesome 😍

  • You can now join this league via the "Special" tab on the Choose League screen. Have fun guys, and let us know what you think of it and how we can improve this even more.

    For more information, check this topic.

    As you can read in @Marvin-GameBasics 's post, we will continue to work on this feature and make it even bigger and better.

  • @william-van-velzen_nl This is a very good attempt. But you can maybe have knockouts over 2 legs when you release the tournament mode.
    My only other criticism will be the use of training camps and secret trainings. With the current setup, you have 6 training camps available for 4 match days. So people can just training camp their way to the finals. Having a regulated number of TCs will make it more competitive.