• Group M
    Polish Eagles 🆚 The French Mercenaries

    Day 22/22 : PEG 997-1423 TFM

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    *Waiting for their confirmation

    Thanks a lot for the battle guys, and we wish you good luck further !

  • Group P
    Final score: A Good Looking Imperium - Legion Crusher


    To be confirmed by @Oky-Setyawan.

    It was a great battle!

  • Group K
    Total Reborn vs Transcarpathian

  • Group I
    Polish Warriors vs Lobos Negros
    Final score:
    confirm results @John-Huaman

  • Group D

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    Dif. 47
    Hard. Luck
    And good luck in coming
    Thank you for that great battle

  • Group O
    Final score: Born in the USSR vs Chevaliers de la Table Ronde
    1093 - 1384

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  • WCC 19/20

    Grp - C

    Arab Crew 🆚 Red Skulls Academy

    Final score

    alt text

    Waiting for the confirmation @Paco_67

  • FINAL RESULT confirmed by the rival captain.

    The Potrero: 1414
    SilentRoHunter: 839
    Dif. +575

    Great battle! Successes in what comes to rivals 👏👏

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  • @ahmed-saib

    It's our fault, and nobody else's fault that we have not seen the regulation clearly.

    Yes, we knew the limit of TC's. and Secret Trainings, and also that we could not do friendlies against oponents, and that we could not make transfers between members of the crew (even when allowed we already do not do it).

    But we did not noticed that a SINGLE mistake on a SINGLE friendly against an opponent would cost 300pts., pretty much a quarter of the points group in a close battle.

    You won the battle "by the rules", ok.
    You know you "lost the battle" as a crew vs crew. But got the W in the end.
    Not your fault, OUR fault to enter on a competition without knowing that the penalties in this competition were VERY different of all the others... and only one of us had came to this forum.

    With these rules, in which a friendly is penalized as much as an extra TC, had I and some others on my crew been aware of this on the begining, I would never enter the competition, and I will lobby internally to forfeit the rest of the competition.

    As I started to say, the rules are the rules, and if a mistake on a single friendly with an opponent costs 300pts., you won, end of story.
    The organizers can define whatever rules are applied, if not against the OSM basics, and therefore, is legal and is our responsability to be aware of the penalties for the rules. Which we weren't, and is our fault.

    But with these kind of penalties, with no real proportion for the errors, is as if you have a 10 years in jail sentence either for killing someone or for parking on a wrong place. It does not make sense.
    So, now it comes to the players choice and I, personally, will not play a single game more in this competition and will try to persuade the whole crew to forfeit this competition...

  • @vanmitra61 i think that it cost 200 points a friendly against opponent

  • Sorry... are 300 points! I wrong

  • @vanmitra61

    Rules E1. Crews who leave the competition will be banned from playing for 2 editions, as will all their managers; This includes even not posting the lineup;

  • @vanmitra61

    How are you my friend?

    It's funny to read that kind of thing. It seems no one cares about the rules because they think 50 points won't make a difference and simply ignore the important action of reading the rules well!

    Our aim was to make the crews worry more about reading the rules and avoiding purposeful penalties. Unfortunately, like every change, we have labor pains until the child comes into the world! That is, it will hurt until everyone gives due importance to reading the rules!

  • @Rigga84
    Well, following the link of the rules on the first page of this thread says it's 300.
    Anyway, what is done is done.
    A fellow crew member accidentally made a friendly against one of them, instead of making against one of us.
    So, we didn't gain that much with it... but the rules say 300 penalty, shall be it.
    "On field" even with 2 of us on our crew logging only once a day, which is crap for a battle, even so, "on field" they lost.

    But on that rule, they won.
    I keep that in mind, hope they keep that also...

    Have fun, that is what this game is for.

  • @Cidadewap25

    On a competition with these rules, I would not want to compete anyway...


    Once again, my mistake not have checked that, and just trust the information I had been given.

    Rules are rules. There may be a purpose for every rule. I can get that.

    But if I think they are wrong or do not agree with them I do not enter a competition.
    Problem solved...



    Final result not yet confirmed to @Nickreds

    Congratulations to our opponents and good luck for the next round

  • @vanmitra61

    It will be a loss not having you in the tournament. I know the blow was hard, but they showed that they can still do something good! They will always have my support to continue!


  • @krystian16061994 great battle, result confirmed

  • @krystian16061994 I confirm the result, and just to succeed I agreed that the captain of black wolves is @jeanthiago

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