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    as captain of Vinsmoke Family, I confirm this result @Lord-Supreme ..many thanks for competitive battle..i hope someday,we can battle again.

    Your table calculation same as my calculation
    Vinsmoke Family = 1376
    The Holy Bastard = 1085
    Different = 291



    Squad Value Development


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    @WaterhoenNL I confirm, excellent battle

  • resultado final.png

    Result Confirmed!

  • Italian Moderator

    Group A: Tugas 🇧🇷 vs REVENGE 🇮🇹


    Waiting for @Timao_corinthians 's confirmation.
    Thanks to Tugas for the difficult battle, it's been very difficult to us to win against this historical crew. And above all congratulation for your correctness.
    Good luck for next battles in the tournament 👍

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    @Daniele-Benjiamin said in WORLD CREW CHAMPIONSHIP - WCC 2019/2020:

    @vanmitra61 said in WORLD CREW CHAMPIONSHIP - WCC 2019/2020:

    I, personally, will not play a single game more in this competition and will try to persuade the whole crew to forfeit this competition...

    i don't understand why you should persuade other crews for your disappointment for a rule that is clearly shown in tournament rules and that is applied to every crew in the same way. This is an important tournament, i think it's right that some rules are severe in penalty.

    @Adilmo-Rocha said in WORLD CREW CHAMPIONSHIP - WCC 2019/2020:

    It seems no one cares about the rules because they think 50 points won't make a difference and simply ignore the important action of reading the rules well!

    or what about "i make a friendy against an opponent some minute before simulation to check his tactics agains ours"..if winning a match my crew can gain for exemple 200 point, i could "spend" 50 penalty points to check my opponent. in a decisive round

    Daniele, either I wasn't clear or due to the fact that English is not your native language you misunderstood my words.
    I do not want to believe that this could be your idea and you felt triggered on my comment, I'll believe the first reason is the one...
    I do not want to persuade ALL the crews to forfeit, I will persuade MY WHOLE CREW to do so.
    Clear like this? Whole crew (MINE) is not ALL crews.

    The severity of the rules is what it is, I believe are WRONGLY BUILT and therefore I (ME, MYSELF) will not enter a competition with these unlogical rules. ME, and probably my Crew. Everyone else can do whatever they want, and I don't really care.

    To THIS situation, I've stated my point of view and I'm ready to move on, I DO NOT CARE what happens next or if we get 2 years ban for forfeiting, make it 3 or 5. With these rules, I'm out.
    Now, the rule was clear and I confirmed the defeat due to it. I've lost other battles and that is not the issue, but I'm not going to spend time and coins on a competition with these rules.
    The fault was our, both on the fail of the friendly and the fact that only one of us has had access to this forum. Live and learn, won't happen again with me.

    The cheat scenary you "create" is so far from reality that is even laughable. Besides, even so, the possible positive outcome of that cheat would be far less significative than the absurd 300 pts.

    I've been away from the game for a while, and when I returned, me and several guys that are now on our crew, we played several battles on a paralell association, with external forum, with battles, competitions and so on.
    Guys from Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Spain and so on... No "inventions" on the rules from competition to competition, ZERO problems, ZERO issues.
    As we were sort of known on the PT comunity we were persuaded to reenter the forum competitions.
    With this confusion, plus the dictatorial exclusion of the historical PT group ZITISMO of a competition because @Masterguru made a joke in the forum that he's been making for years and years, and the other one (not with us) that @Adilmo-Rocha surely remembers (always rules and rules changes and rules interpretations and talks to MOD's, and so on... - Why not keep it simple, why change what is not broken, I wonder...)

    So, to make it clear...
    I do not want to change your rules. I don't care the way you create rules for others.
    I just do not want to participate in competitions with THOSE rules with my crew.
    Clear so far?
    Also, maybe all the other "little things" at the PT/BR foruns and competitions are making me quite intolerant to all the "inventions", one more ilogical than the previous one, maybe... and I started here to express the disapointment for it, maybe...

    I will be out of this competition for good, but anyway, I believe you should reconsider the penalties, it's absurd the way it's being done, in my opinion.

    @Restimat explained it very well. 👏 👏 👏

    Enjoy, have fun, this is what this game should be about...

    Let me go back to the External Forum Battles.
    Better than all these inventions...

  • Russian Moderator

    THE 1ST vs The Rebels' Yell
    awaiting confirmation

  • @robfer15 Confirmed. Thanks. Good battle

  • @reaktorr I confirm thanks and good luck 👍

  • Community Manager

    Score waiting for confirmation:
    Pichichis de Layenda vs Polska Akademia Menadżerów
    Group F

  • Italian Moderator

    @vanmitra61 said in WORLD CREW CHAMPIONSHIP - WCC 2019/2020:

    I do not want to persuade ALL the crews to forfeit, I will persuade MY WHOLE CREW to do so.

    understood 😉 👍

  • @tompi11 I Confirming.. I was posted behind you hahaha

  • Community Manager

    Score confirmed by sniki26

    FURIA vs HPL jor22.png

  • @sexmachine1997 I understand that the captain has confirmed it to you by MP. In the same way everything is correct. I confirm it this way if you did not receive the captain's message. Good luck.

  • Italian Moderator

    Union of the Supremes : 1469
    Rinacimiento de Fènix : 902

    Differences : +567 for UoS


    Confirmed by opponent's captain

  • Group L : Nação Brasil vs Draco's
    Result confirmed by captain Draco's


  • Group B
    Maron vs Romanian Revolution

    Maron = 1797
    Romanian Revolution = 675


    Confirmed by both captain

  • Attention

    By our count there was no publication of the result of the battle between:

    Group B >> RO MANIA X Arab Eagles
    Group H >> RED SKULLS X Lusos

    The groups have until 7 am tomorrow to post the results, if the deadline expires, the battle will be canceled.

  • @vanmitra61 @Cidadewap25

    Wait, hold on. I notice the situation that you guys are having. Was this friendly the first and only punishment for this crew in the battle? In that case, only a penalty of -50 should be given, according to the battlepedia rules.

  • (refering to match Alma Lusitana - Champions Maroc)

    I think we need to discuss this case together in order to prevent any shitty situations about this in the future. If they really have been given 300 points penalty for only one infringement... that's kinda crazy.

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    @Cidadewap25 Here is a mistake. It was the win of the Polska Akademia Menadzerów.
    Final Result Pichichis de Leyenda 1098 vs Polska Akademia Menedżerów 1272 😉

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