Who is your all-time favourite football player and why?

  • Hungarian Users

    DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA (genius) and FERENC PUSKAS (not only as a football player, but as a HUMAN he was a role model))

  • Dutch Users

    Mark van Bommel

  • Romanian Users

    alt text


    A simple reason why I think he is the best player of all times is because he is in a league of his own. Every now and then you see other players taking the ball from the midfield, dribble everyone and score or assist... but he is doing it and has been doing it for the last 15 years. That is ridiculous. It is all about the simplicity with him. There are other good players there but none to even get close to his level.

    Best player. Best goal scorer. Best passer. Best dribbler. And not just that... he is also a role model in real life. Had the same girlfriend and later wife for his entire life and has 3 beautiful children.

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