OSM WC 2019 Edition

  • @moukha-nakre Good idea. But Maximus was Spanish ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I researched some characters but not him because I was sure he was Italian... But no, indeed, you are right, Sabit. Very interesting story, happy to have learned something even if thanks to you I start to feel like an idiot before all OSM community! ha ha ๐Ÿ˜œ

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  • Global Staff

    Hey bosses, OSM World Championship is back with it's 2019 edition!

    • What is OSM World Championship?

    OSM World Championship is an official event organized by the OSM staff for the outstanding managers in this game, based on the total number of manager points they earned during a set period. No cheaters or managers with forum bans will be allowed to join the competition and play in it, whether they were found guilty during the qualification period, after it, or during the World Championship itself.

    OSM World Championship format

    • 156 managers (including 4 best of last edition that won't need to qualify for it)
    • 3 rounds
      • Round 1: 13 leagues of 12 managers each ยป Top 3 managers from 12 leagues and the other 12 managers already qualified go through to Round 2
      • Round 2: 4 leagues of 12 managers each ยป Top 3 managers from each league go through to Round 3
      • Round 3: 1 league of 12 managers ยป The winner of the league is the OSM World Champion 2019.
    • Special Leagues for each round (No BCs compensation, No training camps, No Secret trainings neither transfers. Remaining features like friendlies are up to each manager to decide how many they do per round)
    • How to get a place in OSM World Championship?
    • Only leagues with a minimum of 14 matches played on it will be taken into account.
    • Qualification period will be between 1st December 2018 and 31st May 2019, but only leagues that finish from 14th December onwards will be taken into account.
    • How to know if I have a place in OSM World Championship?
    • You will receive by PM your invitation to accept or decline it. This edition, from Wednesday 12th to Wednesday 19th June you will receive your invitation and you'll have until next Thursday, 27th June, to accept or decline it.
    • You can receive an invitation to get a sub place, we all know that every year some users decide to decline their place or simply they don't say nothing about. If you are a subs, as soon as you can fill a free place we will let you know.
    • I get a place in OSM World Championship, what must I know?
    • OSM WC is an individual competition, you must play for yourself and respect all OSM rules. We must have always fair play and don't let win someone only because is your crewmate, your friend, etc.
    • 1st round, if we don't have any problem, will begin Wednesday, 3rd July, and you must have a free slot at least one day before league have been created.
    • We need league moderators to send invitations, if you get a place and are able to do it just let us know by PM to take it into consideration.
    • I think that i deserve a place this edition, what can I do?
    • If you didn't receive an invitation but you are sure that you get enough points, you can ask me ( @Markez17 ) by PM about it. Be sure that you recolect more than 35.000 manager points, didn't receive a ban or suspension and you follow all OSM rules. We will see again your case and say why you don't get a place.
    • If you ask about it but you know perfectly why you don't get and only want to make troubles... Think about it two times before do that, you can be punished for it!

    And for finish, think that:

    • Don't read rules don't justify that you don't follow them.
    • OSM WC organization will take the best solution if something not expected happens in OSM, keep calm and ask before be pesimistic!

    Regards and have fun,
    OSM WC organization

  • Newcastle United Jets - 18/12/2018 - 3887 pts
    Yuen Long - 13/01/2019 - 5840 pts
    TB-FC Suduroy-Royn - 08/02/2019 - 6320 pts
    Eastern Suburbs - 06/03/2019 - 6020 pts
    Finn Harps - 01/04/2019 - 5720 pts
    Finn Harps - 27/04/2019 - 5232 pts
    Goa - 23/05/2019 - 6980 pts

    Total: 40.001 pts

  • @moukha-nakre You are a real funster ๐Ÿ˜

  • Turkish Moderator

  • @Markez17 Hi friend, can you tell us if some of our proposals about "new teams" have been accepted? thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Global Staff

    @guiz90 of course I took your proposals into account and we are going to have some new squads for this OSM WC edition!

  • Global Staff

    OSM WC 2019 1st round format

    Some managers already asked me about it, so i'm going to clarify it now:

    • Best 4 managers from WC 2018 final are already qualified to 2nd round.
    • Best 8 managers from WC 2019 points list are already qualified to 2nd round.

    They are going to play the "1st Round league 13" and this league is going to help me to determine in which 2nd round league must go anyone of them.

    • The others 144 qualified managers in 1st round are going to play like previous editions: Just 12 leagues with 12 teams each one - Best 3 go to 2nd round.

    3 x 12 + 12 = 48 managers in WC 2nd Round - Best 3 go to the final round.

    This is why we have 13 leagues instead 12 for this edition 1st round, everything is fine ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @markez17 good job. my friend

  • In my opinion, basing the participants only on acquired manager points is a bit outrageous. We all know that with the current BC situation, this means that you can practically "buy" your way into this tournament. For the future, I would like to see an improved system so that we can have more participants who can make the tournaments based on other achievements, such as winning a tournament like WCC/WNT.

  • Global Staff

    @thebestmanagernl the one and only OSM offcial competition is WC and recollecting manager points during a period have been always the system for this competition.

    Everyone is free to try to get a place or not, you only need to follow OSM rules.
    I don't organize WCC/WNT but i think these competitions are not individual one... But I suppose your crew won or have got a good achievements in WCC/WNT and this is why you are trying to get a place without recollect manager points.

    Thank you for your proposal but you want something completely different to WC system.

  • I understand it's not possible to make changes for this edition, however, I do still feel that it's maybe an interesting option to re-evaluate the situation after this edition of the WC. I feel that in general, the system can use some changes, in order to get a better experience out of it.

    Even though WNT and WCC are not individual events, you can make policies around it with relation to the WC. For instance, the winning WCC crew gets 3 slots for the WC, meaning that the crew can send 3 representatives. This is just a quick example how you can implement this. The same you can do with the winners of the WNT. I mention these two events, as in my opinion, these events should become official too. They have been around for years with many managers participating in it, and therefore I feel it should get a lot more recognition from Gamebasics.

  • Global Staff

    @thebestmanagernl make more official competitions would be nice, change this one is not the best choice. I think you never play OSM WC or try to qualify for it... You can be sure that it's not easy and not everything is about waste more BCs.

    Give places to a crew or a nation for an individual tournament it isn't good for the fair play ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @ghost-ken This is very nice, I've got the difficulty of 43.840 and you're 53 thousand points you're really a champion

  • ู…ุญู…ุฏ ู…ุญู…ุฏ 1192 (slot 1)
    30/12/2018 - Galatasaray - 4283 managers points.
    20/02/2019 - Vejle BK - 3510 managers points.
    28/02/2019 - Sileks - 6980 managers points.
    30/03/2019 - UMF Grindavik - 3820 managers points.
    24/04/2019 - Sligo Rovers - 5440 managers points.
    24/05/2019 - Taraz - 4160 managers points.
    Total between 14/12/2018 and 31/05/2019: 28193 managers points.

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    25.428 total points since 19.12 and 31.05

  • @Markez17 Are you gonna to publish list of the Best 8 managers from WC 2019 points who is already qualified to 2nd round?