Crew Chat Update

  • I completely agree that the update is terrible, this is the worst update in the entire history of OSM, now no one actually communicates on third-party standalone applications.

  • @كابتن-دورا I perfectly agree! Plus: It does not seem a sound idea that we are supposed to promote a certain chat app to our crew members...

  • @wizzy-sensei there's been almost two weeks, update still didn't come. Is messenger support even coming or did the negative feedback change the plans and some sort of bigger change is coming (or the return of old chat). Whats the news ?

  • Hi,

    Today Messenger and Telegram will be live.

    First we'll wait and see if this makes a difference for this feature and continue to look at the data and reviews before we might decide to make a bigger change.

  • Another problem we came across after this update is that we can no longer see which member left (or joined) the crew. It used to update us in the old crew chat, but that's no longer the case. Maybe osm should implement a tracker display (like how it used to be years ago - attached below) to make easier to track who joined and who left the crew.


  • One question...Isn't it possible to bring back the forums from the old version? They were cleaner and the communication was much better than on these forums. Or at least the private crew forums, they were really useful to keep information about CBs and other competitions...Just asking☺

  • @rmihai Read the convos on the previous page buddy. We already talked about that.

  • @dhrubo-ii Sorry, mate. I did not see it. Looks like I shouldn't post on forums when I'm tired 🙂

  • Hi, any new information meanwhile about the crew chat?
    In the meantime my crew members have stopped playing battles because they don't want to start playing if there's no communication possible. Some members have also left the crew because it isn't active anymore as they don't have a place to talk to the other members anymore. So we really need it back!
    I have also another question: if we would make a whatsapp group chat via OSM, would everyone then be able to see each others phone number or is it an in-game chat? Because not everyone wants to share his private data.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi @M-A-N-O-_NL ,

    At the moment there are no plans of reintroducing in-game chat for crews. So for now we hope that being able to chat with external chat programs is sufficient.

    For WhatsApp if you choose that, it will open the app externally so you will indeed be able to see other people's phone numbers. Another option would be to use Discord where you can join without needing a phone number and is thus more private.

    So no good news unfortunately, but I hope you'll be able to get your members more active again and keep on enjoying playing battles. If there's any more questions, let me know.

  • I agree with @M-A-N-O-_NL that crew activity dropped since the crew chat was stopped. I don't want to use WhatsApp for OSM. I have tried Discord, but the activity is much lower because it's outside OSM. A chat option inside the crew in OSM would be great and will increase crew battle activity again (this activity dropped in the last few years).

  • @m-a-n-o-_nl agree 👍👍

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