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  • - Welcome to Support Forum!

    Please, take a look at following posts in this topic before you use this forum. If we all follow these guidelines, I’m pretty sure that we’ll be able to help you faster!

    This is a forum where OSM users can ask questions about forums and game. On this forum user can also report any bugs they can find on forums and game.

    This forum is not like other forums where open discussions are carried out. This is a simple 'ask a question/report a bug, get an answer' forum. Once a question/bug is answered, the thread will be closed, unless when someone from support team is waiting for more information from users.

    - Other important topics with valuable information:
    • How can I set a pass on my OSM account? This topic explains how and App user can set password on his account to allow users to log on Web version and have full access to these forums. You can also find in there, the steps needed to allow you to get access to language specific forums.
    • Common Questions Title says it all. On this topic you can find answers for some of the most common questions
    • Known Bugs Again, title says it all. We'll be listing on this topic the known bugs. Only the ones with big impact and that can lead to lots of users reporting them.
    • League Updates, player errors This topic is the one to be used by all managers to report all the errors they find on squads/players.... everything related with the leagues provided on OSM

  •                    FORUM GUIDELINES

    These are the general guidelines for our forum. Please try to follow them at all timmes!

    ⚠ Inappropriate language, abuse, profanity, discrimination, spamming and flaming are not what we're looking for on this forum. The same goes for public criticism that's not constructive of the work and/or judgements of OSM moderators, staff and game owners.
    ⚠ Posting 'case closed' or similar will be regarded as spamming.
    ⚠ Please, do not promote competitors' websites.
    ⚠ Try to limit the of use capital letters or excessive exclamation marks when posting.
    ⚠ Try to limit your use of smileys.

                  HOW TO USE THIS FORUM

    As stated above, we don't want to use this forum for general discussion, it's a forum for:

    • Ask a Question (the clearest possible), Answer is given, topic closed.
    • Report bugs and all the information needed to trace and reproduce them.

    ⚠ We believe that a lot of you love to help other users and we appreciate that. So if you are 100% sure of the answer, and the answer hasn't already been given, please feel free to answer. However, if you aren't 100% sure, or the answer was already given, you should not post. Wrong answers will mislead users.

    ⚠ If you want to discuss the answer to your question/bug report, please move on to OSM Discussion forum. Questions about tactics? Also move on there, we have this Tactic Topic where you can seek tactical advice.

    ⚠ Topics are not to be bumped. Make your question and try to remain calm when waiting for an answer. Chances are there will be somebody around working on getting you an answer

    ✅ Following these guidelines will allow us to help you in a pleasant manner for all of us. If you chose not to follow them, you risk to be punished.

  •                      HOW TO ACT

    ♦ When making a question:

    • First, try to find out if the 'Help' pages on each page on OSM can answer your question - chances are the answer you seek is there for you - most subjects are covered.
    • Members should also check the Common Questions topic.
    • Before you open a new thread in this forum make sure you use the Search facility first, in case the question you're about to ask has already been asked and answered
    • If you have exhausted those possibilities and still have no answer, then:
      (a) Create a new topic
      (b) Give your question a meaningful title – Start topic title with: [Help].
      (c) Type out your question - don't worry about spelling or stuff like that - this isn't an English exam. As long as you get your question across, that's good enough for us.
      (d) Your question must be in English language - if it is not it will be closed.
      (e) Wait for an answer.

    ♦ When reporting a bug:

    • Before you open a new thread in this forum make sure you check all open threads, in case the bug you're about to report has already been reported by someone else.
    • Members should also check the Known Bugs topic.
      *In case none of the open threads mentions the bug you want to report and it’s not listed on the known bugs topic, you can open a new one with a simple title fitting the bug context– Start topic title with: [Bug].
    • Type us as much information as you can, try to be concise and precise when reporting a bug, and remember to fill the template (See it below).
    • Try to be available to follow/answer the suggestions/questions from OSM Support members.

    🔷 Bug Report Template:
    At this moment we've got 5 different versions on which users can login to OSM:

    • Website (PC or mobile device)
    • Facebook
    • Android App
    • iOS App (iPhone)
    • iOS App (iPad)

    🔸 All bugs should be reported using the following basic guidelines.

    Login: (Login of the user with the bug)
    Account: (Slot1, Slot2, Slot3, Slot4)
    League number: (not mandatory if you don't know how to find it)
    Date & Time of the bug: (This should be as accurate as possible, for developers to check error logs)
    Platform: (Website PC/Mobile, Facebook, Android App, iPhone App, iPad App) ***
    Screenshots: (Full screen - URL and time should be presented)
    Bug step-by-step Description: (The ideal is that you describe all the steps you do to reproduce the error)

    ***For bugs related with the full website and Facebook versions, please add:

    ***For bugs related with the Android App and iOS App versions, please add:
    App Version:
    Brand/type device:
    OS version:

  •   How To Use The Forum Search Tool :

    As you can see the forum is full of different Categories and Topics with loads of posts. Therefore it is of a high importance for every manager to learn how to use this valuable tool that the forum menu has to offer. The so called Search Tool, it's that icon that looks like a magnifying glass. 🔍
    If you click on it a new page opens and in there you can type a key word , relevant to what you need to find fast. For example you can type Nationality Bonus and click on the blue Search button. In a second you will see in front of you every single post in where your key word has been used.
    In one word... Priceless !!! :

    alt text

  • -Forum signature settings

    You can set a signature that fits on one of the following options.

    • Option A
      Signature with a 1 text line and an image with max 100 pixels height (no limit to width, since if it't too big, forum will reduce it automatically)

    Albino Costa - Game Manager

    • Option B
      Signature with a 2 text lines and an image with max 50 pixels height (no limit to width, since if it't too big, forum will reduce it automatically)

    Albino Costa - Game Manager
    Crew The Force

    • Option C
      Signature with a 3 text lines

    Albino Costa - Game Manager
    Crew The Force
    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." --- Winston Churchill

    Note: These are maximum limits, you can set a signature that has less lines and smaller images!

  • -I suspect someone is cheating, how can I be sure?

    We often get questions about what's considered cheating and what's not. Managers reporting users just because they managed to build a really good squad, because they beat them while their squad is better or even report managers because they don't lose a match.

    As you can imagine this creates an huge delay and unnecessary workload having to check all those reports.

    So... Let's try to reduce this, by explaining when managers are breaking OSM Terms and when they should be reported.

    There are mainly 3 situations where it's easy for users to spot when a manager is breaking OSM Terms:

    Illegal transfers To be reported under Illegal Transfers

    • Doing transfers between 2 or more teams (managed by humans) where one of them is clearly the benefited with those transfers
      • Buying weak players that don't improve your squad by huge amounts without a clear reason for it (don't have enough players to line due to injuries or suspension)
      • Buying strong players that will improve your squad by really low values without having a clear benefit to seller

    Collusion To be reported under Multi Accounts

    • A single user controlling several teams or a group of users playing as a group to 'assure' that a specific team will win the league by setting losing tactics, weak line ups, players on wrong positions and/or play with strongest line up and camping their rivals

    Offensive language To be reported under Multi Accounts

    • Offensive names, league names, profiles, insults via PMs, Crew Names.....etc

    Important NOTE: All reports should include a clear description of what you're reporting and evidences added (if necessary, upload screenshots to an image hosting site and add the links on report)