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    @wrathfulone not bad about the first one I read @SpecialOne say sth about ranking crews according to win percentage which I still dont quite get so we'll crews that have plaid only one two battles be first in ranking? or take for example my crew we have a 100% win record wont that be unfair to the crews that are in top 100 to be ranked by win percentage?

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    @4RI3S_ this is not going to happen. What SpecialOne posted it doesn't mean the ranking will change. Top100 will stay just like it is now. SpecialOne posted only some statistics about win percentage, which he has done multiple times before.

    Edit: I suggest this posts to be moved in crew discussion topic.

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    thanks for the clarification @JetonT

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    @bearded-conte Yes, only win percentage info might seem unreal at first. That's why, there should be a info about Total Battle Matches too. Not only win percentage. Is not it weird to count them all manually ?

  • @wrathfulone I agree with your ideas.

    Played, wins and losses would be nice to see and not just wins.

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    @jeffro-davies In my opinion, these features should have been placed in the game already. Especially the game which is all about numbers and records.

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    add alerts to chrome and windows when we got new notifications


  • If any specific player is sold from your league, and that specific player is injured for 5 days for instance, but is bought back from any other team in your league within a day or two, make it so that the injuries or red cards are still there. This is realisitic.

    One of my friends has faced an issue with this problem and it cost him to loose his crew battle. Read more here.

  • @josher17_NL said in OSM Game Features : Chatroom - Suggestions:

    My suggestion is to make it possible to change your 'Manager Name'.

    I understand that if they allow each player to change their name as many times as they want, it would become a huge mess and it will be hard to recognize players.

    Therefore I suggest that changing your Manager Name would cost Boss Coins, this way, players would be way more careful and think at least 2 times before changing their username.

    Changing your manager name could be done in the same section as where you can change your clothes.
    I already made an example of how it could look like:


    And to make it even harder for players to keep on changing their usernames, the price of Manager Name changing should double after every past name change.

    I want to change my name for the first time --> I pay 50 Boss Coins to do so.
    But when I want to change my Manager Name for the second time, I'll have to pay 100 Boss Coins to do so. And if I want to change it for the 3rd time, I'll have to pay 200 Boss Coins to do so, etc.

    I think this will prevent players from 'spamming' the name change option in the game.
    (And if you really want to be sure that players still could be recognized after changing their username, there could maybe be a feature that allows anybody to see the complete name history (all past name changes) of a manager when going to that player's settings or something...)

    Let me know what you think of this suggestion! ^.^
    I'm looking forward to receive some feedback!! 😄

    Kind regards,
    ~ Josher

    One of the best suggestions 👌👏

    This is a great idea. Great opportunity for GB to earn money and keep its users happy

    @specialOne I hope you like this idea

    Thanks to @josher17_NL

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    I suggest that in the PC Version ( The version that I am using ) you actually get to see the the match highlights. I also suggest that in the PC version ( The version that I am using ), there is commentary with the match highlights. Please make these updates in OSM 2020/21. Love the game and keep it up!

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    I don't know when the game will update next. But, when it does, OSM should considered these things:

    More Training Slots: OSM should add more training slots to the game, so you can train more than 1 player per position at a time. The players can use boss coins to buy more training slots.
    Or, they could make it, so the training slots aren't position-specific and you can still buy more training slots.

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    This sounds like a good idea, but it surely would create an imbalance -- even more of an advantage for pay-to-win players. They spend Boss Coins to train players a lot more often than non-paying users do.

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    A similar but different idea just came to me.

    Every player should progress a little bit with each match where they get on the field (let's say more than 5 or 10 minutes).

    For example, maybe 5% progression (for an average age player).

  • Minor suggestions that may improve the game a bit:

    1. When we share our starting lineup on mobile app there is an average overall of our lineup. Why can't it be shown while creating the squad and everywhere else where the lineup appears? It'd show us how stronger or weaker we are vs our opponent's lineup.
    2. When the scout is on his way we see what preferences we've set, but when he arrives after 16 hours those preferences disappear. Why? Countless times I've thought whether I should check the scouted players or not, because I don't know if I have enough money for them and if I could see the preferences I would know if I need 10m per player or 20m and that'd be a huge change in my opinion.

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    Hey , as a suggestion for making it better , I wanted to let you know that you can increase boss coins for every single achievement!! For example 750 boss coins for Africa domination instead of 500! Give people who don't wanna spend money a chance to earn boss coins

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    I'd like the game simulations to have some noise from the fans. And that when there are goals, the fans scream. When there are cards or injuries, the fans should shout "UUUUU". It would be an upgrade that would give more adrenaline to each simulation.😊

    If they put the Argentinean fans, it's better hahaha

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    Hi, I don't know if im allowed to say this but I think that you should put like the guy harry or whatever his name is on osm for pc because he tells us at the end of the game if my specialist is good and if it is not he says he's not good

  • @amir-h-b-80 said in OSM Game Features : Chatroom - Suggestions:

    Make an achievement about crew competitions

    I hope this idea is a spark to start them. So far, no coins have been considered for the achievements of the crew's battle. My idea is, for example, to add 100 coins to the 200 Battles Points in the achievements section (this is just an example, I mean the general idea)

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    Hi guys,

    I am a member of a crew but noticed that maximum number of players in crew is 23.
    Would like to suggest to Osm staff to increase number of managers to 25, in this way 5 battles can be played.
    In this way how it is now, 4 battles can be played and 3 players are just staying without by not being able to play because there are just 3 managers.
    Thanks for your opinions, comments, ideas..

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    I would like to suggest a feature where you could look at the final table of the previous leagues you have played.
    You could do this by going under achievements and clicking on a league you have played in?

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