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    I spent 15 BC on a search for a 85+ rated young DR.
    The three players offered were 83 and 84 rated DC and none of them young.

    Zouma CB 26 Lazio 19 83 51 11.6M
    Boateng CB 32 Bayern Munchen 11 84 47 9.9M
    AkΓ© CB 26 Manchester City 13 83 48 9.7M

    I had 50 million available to spend , so it was not because of budget. What is the point in this ?

    Surely the first option should be to offer older DR if no young ones rated 85+ are available, then other defenders rated over 85 ?

    If you change the game to get more cash from players by having more positions, at least get the scouting sorted so they are not wasting money .

  • @ryan-yabas Hi mate,

    you can find the answer to your question if you read the >> common-questions <<< topic.

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    no, this does not answer the question.
    I asked why there was (a) not a RB/DR over 85 rated or (b) a defender rated over 85 or (c) a young player offered. Those were my three search criteria.

    There are plenty of players that meet at least two of those criteria, and are are not playing in the league I am in, and my budget was enough for them.

    The point I am making is that the positional changes introduced recently are making players use scouts more, and therefore the game should have a scout system that gives something closer to what they ask for.

    Currently players either wait 16 hours to find players that are no use to them, or waste BC to find out.

  • @ryan-yabas

    I asked why there was (a) not an RB/DR over 85 rated or (b) a defender rated over 85 or (c) a young player offered. Those were my three search criteria.

    if the scout doesn't find any more players available matching your criteria he brings the closest players he can find since the scout is designed to always bring players instead of coming empty-handed.

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    He never did this, if you read my post.
    There are plenty RB available that are not playing in my league that are over 85 rated
    There are plenty defenders available that are not playing on my league that are over 85 rated
    There are plenty defenders available that are not playing in my league and are young and over 85 rated

    So the scout did not bring back players matching any of the criteria i asked for,despite there being many players available matching at least one of the neccessary criteria.

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    I think that there are only three RBs 85+ in the game. They are Trent Alexander-Arnold, Kyle Walker and Achraf Hakimi. Actually, I'm not sure about Hakimi too.

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    That proves my point totally that the scout system is not working well.

    None of those three (two) players have been bought in my league.

    One of them fits every criteria asked for (Alexander) and was not offered.

    Even if that criteria was was not met, an older RB fitting the 85+
    criteria (Walker) should be offered before the three under 85 rated (and not young , as asked for) CB's offered.

    IF no 85+ RB are available , there are enough other 85+ CB or LB that should be offered before any players rated at less than 85.

    The point I am making is I selected three criteria for a defender RB

    85 + rated

    The three players i was offered met none of these criteria although there were many players available fitting one or more, and in one case, all three of them.

    I had enough money to buy those players

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    Hey mate do you know that Ashley Young is a RM and just with a rating of 74πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Odd, isn't it?

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    We could discuss the inconsistencies in positions and ratings for weeks, but trying to keep this on track.

    Are there plans to improve the scouting system now that we have all these new positions and need to use the scouts more to have a competitive team?

    Alternatively are the developers happy to have users scout (and pay for) for players and get back players with none of the criteria they ask for ?

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    If the scout is unable to find players of your criteria, he will bring players of a little different criteria.

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    Try to read the posts before replying ,its not difficult..

    In summary, there are many players available and not playing in my league.fitting at least one of the criteria asked for from my scout.

    The scout offerd three players fitting none of the criteria.

    It would be good to get a response from someone involved in game development that actually knows how it works.
    Are there there are plans to improve the scouting system that does not seem to have kept up with the new positional changes ?

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    I think you should do scouting deeply. Basically, I mean choose more filters. Eg- For TAA you should choose English First Division and age is 22 so <25 and nationality England.

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    Since you dont seem to be reading the posts, will try to explain more simply.
    My scout was given 3 criteria for a defender
    Every player not playing in a league is meanto be considered by the scouts
    There was a player fitting all three criteria that was not offered,
    There were countless other players over 85 rated , young or DR, my 3 criteria.
    None of the criteria were met.

    A hypothetical question.

    As you are a Liverpool fan , if Robertson Milner and Tsimakis suffered career ending injuries tomorrow,
    I guess Klopp would ask his scouting team for recommendations on the best left backs available to buy.Let us say he asked for international class under 25 players

    In this game , that includes any left backs not currently playing in the same league.and within budget..

    If the Liverpool scouting team came back and recommended three 28 year old centre backs from Watford , Stoke and Derby none of whom ever played left back, would they still be employed the following day ?

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    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Good example. Klopp can never live with his 4-3-3 formation which consists a left-back.

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    Maybe now you understand, anyway

    Could we get this back on topic now and maybe get a reply to these question from someone involved with the game.

    (A)Is the scouting system being given an overhaul now that we have those new positional changes ?

    (B) Am I not correct in assuming that the scout considers all players who are not already in the league users are playing ?

    In this case it may as well be totally random and there is point in having filters to choose age/ position etc