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    Looking for crew. (Only Top 30)
    If interested pm.

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    Old-established and experienced OSM managers have decided to found a new, German-speaking crew in which experience and exchange will play a major role and take center stage.

    We offer:

    Assistance with all tactical questions

    Assistance with team building

    Support and further training of younger players

    Help with questions about OSM

    Respectful interaction with each other

    Internal forum at Discord with all aspects of the game

    What do we expect?

    Active and enthusiastic players who are as OSM crazy as we are.

    Reliability of every player

    Have already played at least 100 games

    Mandatory participation in regular battle against other crews

    Have at least one free account for the crew

    Accession to Discord for internal exchange

    Full recognition of the GB GTC (in particular point 2) https://de.onlinesoccermanager.com/Terms

    We have decided to choose Discord as our exchange platform because OSM no longer has a crew forum or crew chat and will probably not be able to do so in the near future.

    If you like our crew and the mentioned requirements and would like to develop yourself further, please write an application via PN to me, respectively to

    RudiA. https://de.onlinesoccermanager.com/Users/541053022/Profile

    or via Discord: General Blücher#6478

    Thank you very much for your attention

  • @eurobasket2011 Hello mate are you still looking for a crew?

  • Hey,

    The Undesirable Cobras are looking for managers:
    Who want to join our crew
    Playing battles
    We have an English-language crew chat (discord)
    Contact : @Wzzlz7

  • Hello Everyone Crew GDA Gladiators of America are looking for 2 managers ready to play with us, active and good managers need ASAP for forum Battles and app ones to.

    Rules : WhatsApp number
    Slot for battels
    Good Learner

  • The Championship (CAP) is recruiting experienced or potential managers to battle in Top 50!

    Crew Name: The Championship
    Check us out: https://en.onlinesoccermanager.com/Crew/39537#customhtml
    Division: Legend Division (5-Stars Division)
    Crew ranking: 42th +/-
    Medal Points: 19,734 +/-
    Main Language: English
    Crew Activities: Crew Battles, CCW, Crew Leagues, cc playoff, etc

    Crew Requirements:
    •able to understand and speak English
    •install and use discord (we use discord for communication, we do not use WhatsApp)
    •reserve one game slot for crew battle
    •reserve one game slot for crew league or any crew tournament

    If you don't have game slot open now, it is fine, we are patient, but you have to reserve it for crew battle and crew league later after your game is completed. Anyone who is interested to join us, please PM @L10NEL89, @Dhrubo-II or @zool-babies.

    alt text

  • Rare chance for someone to join my crew, 2nd at the minute in the rankings. I’m wanting someone with loads of experience at the highest level and passionate about the official battles. Good English and WhatsApp is a must. Could start a battle in my team with me as early as tomorrow night, if interested send me a PM please

  • @jeffro-davies Let me join please, I got 5th in a league once

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    Im looking for a crew. If someone is interested on having me you can contact through pm (sry for reply, don't know how to use this forum yet)

  • I am looking for a better crew than my current one, as right now I am in a beginner crew and I have 3 years of Osm experience plus 72 trophies. I am only looking for a semi-pro or higher crew, but I won't have an open slot until my tournament ends in at tops a week and a half. Once my tournament ends I will be able to fully participate in a crew league or crew battles. I am also able to use the chat app Discord. Please contact me through a direct comment to this post on this forum if someone is interested in having me in their crew.

  • *I am actually only looking for a Champion or above division crew with their main chat app being Discord. I am also on Osm everyday. Please Pm me if interested in having me in their crew.

  • @Zool-Babies I am interested in joining your crew. I cannot join till tomorrow because I just left my old crew a few minutes ago. I don't have any open slots but I will have two open slots in two weeks. I also requested access to your crew now.

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    Any Crews interested ?

  • More and more want to play in battles at our crew, official as well as unofficial ones, and to accommodate this we are happy to announce that we are expanding our activities!

    To that end, Idios Assassins is creating another crew -> Idios Assassins 2 <- in around 2 weeks’ time! This will be a new crew starting from scratch and spearheaded by 5 of our longstanding and very good managers to get the ball rolling in 10-day battles immediately.

    We are also planning to enter this crew in unofficial competitions and the managers in charge will be proficient in old-style battles and battlesheets.

    It is our ambition and conviction that within a year or 2, “Idios Assassins 2” will compete at the highest level of OSM in unofficial compete petitions while relentlessly climbing the ranks of 10-day battles.

    If you are interested in being part of this expansion to our adventure, please forward your application to me. Bear in mind, the primary language within both crews is English.

    WhatsApp is a must for official and unofficial battles. This is the only way we communicate

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    Hi , im new to the game and im looking for an active club , dont really care about rankings as long as its active.

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    One of the best crews of the Balkan OSM Community is recruiting new managers.

    Managers are required to have at least cca. 800 games played be active several times a day and actively communicate in our crew chat.
    Battle experiance is welcomed but not mandatory.
    We communicate in Balkan languages (croatian, serbian, slovenian, macedonian etc.)


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    i'm looking for crew 🙂
    i will be very active And I will regularly participate in the battles 🙂

  • Idios Assassins and just created another crew, this crew will be a very active crew and around 7-9 of our members will be joining in the next few weeks. We will all be swapping and changing between these 2 crews over time.

    This crew will play in just about all unofficial competitions aswell as the official battles when they all start again. Want a chance to prove yourself and join the 1st crew over time this is the place to do it. If interested talk to me, @Bluemooners or @JMrelentless

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    @JetonT said in [Crews] Crew Recruitment:

    Im looking for a crew. If someone is interested on having me you can contact through pm (sry for reply, don't know how to use this forum yet)

    Still looking for a crew. Ex Eagles of Kosovo manager.

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    I don't have much experience in the game but doing great so far, looking for an active crew. Invite me anyone who is recruiting.

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